Travel Gadgets – 15 essential items to bring on every trip

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I have to admit, I’m kind of a gear head. I simply love browsing randomly through the offers of my local outdoor and travel shop. It’s amazing how much new (sometimes super useful, sometimes completely useless) travel gadgets the travel gear industry releases.

Obviously every traveler has his own preferences and needs. I always focussed on three key characteristics when it comes to travel gear: It should be:

lightweight – durable – multi-functional

I’m not a big fan of replacing rundown equipment every other month and therefore I’d rather invest a little more money for a high quality product I can rely on, and that lasts significantly longer.

So lets dive right into it. Here is a roundup of travel gadgets I purchased and used over the last 6 years of traveling to over 40 countries.


15 essential Travel Gadgets 

 Fifteen items to bring on every trip



Travel Gadget Nr. 1

Swiss Army Knife – Victorinox Hercules

Travel Gadgets-Swiss Army Knife-Victorinox HerculesThe absolute classic piece of travel gear. A Swiss Army Knife is an essential travel gadget and second to none when it comes to quality manufacturing and reliability. It doesn’t matter if you need to open a can for dinner, cut some wood for a bonfire or simply wanna open a bottle wine or a can of beer.




Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Hercules


Travel Gadget Nr. 2

Travel Towel – Cocoon

Travel Gadgets-Travel Towel-CocoonWhen backpacking, every gram counts. Therefore a good travel towel is indispensable. It’s light, it packs tiny, it doesn’t smell and it dries incredibly quick. Travel towels are available from numerous brands and in countless sizes. Just choose the one that best fits your needs.

Travel Towel Cocoon


Travel Gadget Nr. 3

Travel Pillow – Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight

Travel Gadgets-Travel Pillow-Sea to SummitIf you’re traveling on a budget, chances are, you gonna wait for ages in airports, and train stations. You gonna spend countless hours on planes, in buses and pick ups, on boats, horse carts and god alone knows what other vehicle. A good travel pillow will sweeten those often exhausting hours. This one is super comfy, light (60 gm) and packs up to just 5,5 by 7,0 cm.

Travel Pillow Aeros Ultralight


Travel Gadget Nr. 4

Ear Plugs – Ohropax

Travel Gadgets-ear plugs-ohropaxIt seems like a law of nature that in every dorm, there is at least one dude sawing logs all night long. Therefore this travel gadget is a life saver (i.e. a sleep saver). A good pair of ear plugs will enormously increase your sleep comfort. Ear plugs are available as

Ear Plugs





Travel Gadget Nr. 5

Neck Tube Scarf – Morf

Travel Gadgets-Morf-tube scarfA scarf to keep you warm, a hat to shelter you from the sun, a bandana or sweat band for hikes, a mask to keep dust out. A neck tube scarf is an extremely versatile travel gadget that can be used in numerous ways. Furthermore it’s light, very affordable and it packs super tiny.

Neck Tube Scarf





Travel Gadget Nr. 6

Travel Adapter – Urophylla

Travel Gadgets-Travel Adapter-UrophyllaAn all-in-one travel adapter helps you to stay charged up while being on the road without carrying around heaps of different adaptors for every single device you own. Hostels often provide only a few outlets. Way to less for all the devices that need to be charged. With this travel gadget you can charge up to three devices at the same time. One via the normal outlet and two via usb.

Travel Adapter Urophylla




Travel Gadget Nr. 7

Power Bank – Anker PowerCore 5000

Travel Gadgets-Power Bank-AnkerAnother life saving travel gadget. This ultra compact power bank made by Anker charges all of your devices via USB. It is just 10cm tall and 3cm wide and iPhone 6s can be charged up to two times.

Power Bank Anker Power Core





Travel Gadget Nr. 8

Travel Bottle – Platypus

Travel Gadgets-Soft Bottle-PlatypusThe Platypus is a BPA free, reusable plastic bottle that weighs 80 % less than a normal water bottle. When empty, the soft bottle rolls up so small, that it fits basically everywhere. It comes in two sizes (0.5 l and 1.0 l) and with two different cap systems to choose from. A Closure Cap or a dual-valve HyperFlow Cap.

If you fly a lot, this travel gadget is a must have. Just bring it to the airport empty, and fill it up with tap water after passing the security check.

Travel Bottle Platypus




Travel Gadget Nr. 9

Flashlight – Led Lenser M5

Travel Gadgets-Flashlight-Led Lenser M5A good, reliable flashlight should be part of every packing list. Be it for hiking in the dark, reading in a tent or finding your way to the hostel toilet without switching the lights on. I love the Led Lenser M5. It’s lightweight and slim yet powerful and long burning. It operates on just one standard AA battery and with a 100 lumens it provides many hours of bright light.

Flashlight Led Lenser M5




Travel Gadget Nr. 10

Travel Tubes – GoToob

Travel Gadgets-Travel Tube-GoToobThese travel tubes come in three different sizes – 1.25 fl. oz, 2 fl. oz. 3 fl. oz. and basically take up almost no space. All GoToobs are food-safe and approved for airline carry-on. The wide opening makes it easy to refill it.

There are obviously cheaper versions of those kind of tubes, but as I said in the beginning: I’m a gear head and love those little gimmicks like the suction cup and the content identification. Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty.

Travel Tubes GoToob



Travel Gadget Nr. 11

Dry Bag – Ortlieb

Travel Gadgets-DryBag-Ortlieb

I’m a big fan of the Ortlieb products. They’re really well made and super reliable. A dry bag is a super handy travel gadget. Especially, when you’re up for some adventure travel. Be it kayaking, hiking in rainforests white water rafting or even swimming through canyons. A dry bag keeps all of your important stuff protected from water and dust. Their available in various sizes and from multiple brands. Just pick the one that best fits your needs.

Ortlieb Lightweight Dry Bag


Travel Gadget Nr. 12

TSA Padlock – combination padlock

Travel Gadgets-tsa padlock

A small padlock belongs in every backpack. I prefer one without keys cause that’s one thing less you can possibly lose. This 4 digit combination padlock is TSA approved and can be used for your luggage, your backpack or for the lockers provided by most hostels. It obviously isn’t the safest lock ever, but still increases security to some degree and protects your stuff from most petty thieves.

TSA Approved Luggage Locks



Travel Gadget Nr. 13

Headlamp – Explortek

Travel Gadgets-headlamp-exportek

No matter if you’re hiking a volcano in Guatemala, cooking your dinner on an island in Belize, or simply wanna read a book in your tent or dorm room, a headlamp is an indispensable travel gadget. And this headlamp is a beast. It runs on 3 AAA batteries that deliver a super bright 160 lumens. It is waterproof, lightweight and the light intensity is adjustable in 6 modes to meet your needs .

LED Headlamp Explortek Nite-Blazer


Travel Gadget Nr. 14

Dry Bag Pouch – Mpow

Travel Gadgets-Dry Bag Pouch-Mpow

I’m using this pouch for all the stuff that has to stay dry, no matter what I’m doing. That means my passport, copies of my travel insurance and ID card, some cash, as well as one of my backup usb sticks go in here. Be aware, that this dry bag pouch is quite slim, so you can’t put your mobile and your passport in here.

Mpow Waterproof Case





Travel Gadget Nr. 14

USB stick – Kingston

Travel Gadgets-usb stick-kingston

The Kingston Data Traveler has a capacity of 64GB and is USB 3 compatible. It’s very small, super light and there’s a key ring integrated into the durable metal case. I use three of those USB sticks to back up my photos and to store important documents, in case I lose the paper version. Keep in mind to encrypt the USB stick, for when you lose it or it get’s stolen. You don’t want anybody to get access to your very personal data.

Kingston 64 GB DataTraveler


Any questions or comments? Any suggestions on useful travel gadgets? I’d really like to know what you would recommend. Just drop me a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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