Oman Wild Camping Spots – 10 perfect spots for wild camping in Oman

A wild camping trip to Oman is not on your bucket list yet? Well, maybe you should over think your list then, cause this country really is every outdoor and camping enthusiasts dream.

Since wild camping in Oman is entirely legal (as long as you don’t do it in somebody’s garden or on military grounds) and the country’s population density is rather low, there are stunning camping spots to be found behind every corner.

From the steep cliffs of the mountains of Jebel Shams to the completely secluded beaches of Masirah. From the endless dunes of the Wahiba Sands to the azure blue, palm fringed ponds of Oman’s numerous wadis. If that sounds as tempting as it sounds overwhelming, and you’re not sure which camping spot to pick, then here is a quick rundown of ten beautiful wild camping spots between Muscat and Salalah.


Ten Wild Camping Spots in Oman 

 10 suggestions of locations to pitch your tent between Muscat and Salalah.



Jebel Shams   |   Balcony Trail   |   Wadi Shab   |   Ras al Jinz   |   Masirah Island
Ras Madrakah   |   Oasis   |   Khor Rori   |   Salalah   |   Mughsail Beach



Oman Camping Spots


Camping Spot Nr. 1

Jebel Shams

Oman Camping Spots-jebel shams

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Jebel Shams

Let’s start right away with one of the most breathtaking wild camping spots I’ve pitched my tent at – the mountains of Jebel Shams. Can there be anything better than waking up from the bleating of a herd of goats, sticking your head of the tent and seeing this stunning scenery unfolding in the morning light? I don’t think so.

Jebel Shams is one of Oman’s top tourist destinations and still it feels like you arrived at the end of the world. You can reach this place within a half days drive from Muscat and it’s fairly easy to get to, if you have a 4WD. If not, you can give it a shot and try to hitch a ride. There’s kind of frequent traffic here, with a car passing by every half an hour or so.

Don’t forget to bring a decent sleeping bag since temperatures can easily drop to freezing point at night.

The best thing about this wild camping spot is, that it’s located right around the corner from the tiny village of Al Khitaym, which is the starting point for the famous hiking trail W6 – also known as the Balcony Trail.

Camping Spot Nr. 2

Balcony Trail – Sab

Oman Camping Spots - Balcony Trail - Sab

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Balcony Trail – Sab

It takes around two to two and a half hours to hike the Balcony Trail, depending on the level of your fitness and the number of breaks you take to capture this overwhelming scenery with your camera. At the end you reach the abandoned village of Sab. But that’s not all. Look a little further and right above the village you’ll find a small plateau where the sheer cliffs of Wadi Ghul are towering over a small emerald-green pond.

Obviously there are no shops or facilities anywhere nearby so you have to bring your own supplies if you wanna enjoy the complete solitude of this picture perfect wild camping spot for a night. It is absolutely crucial to bring enough water – at least three liters per person.

Camping Spot Nr. 3

Qalhat – Wadi Shab – Wadi Tiwi

Oman Camping Spots - Wadi Shab - Qualhat

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Wadi Shab – Wadi Tiwi – Qalhat

This camping spot is perfect if you plan on visiting two of Oman’s most beautiful wadis – Wadi Shab and Wadi Tiwi – since it’s only a twenty-minute ride from here. Get up early, have a stunning sunrise with your morning coffee before heading for the wadis. Wadi Shab seems to attract way more visitors than Wadi Tiwi so it is advisable to see Wadi Shab first, in order to beat the crowds (there is only very few people before 9.30am, even on a Friday).

You can reach this wild camping spot by following a dirt road from Qalhat for a few hundred meters. Be aware, that the rocks are fairly sharp and spiky. Putting the car mats underneath your tent as an extra layer, might safe the life of your sleeping pad.

Again this spot is best reached with a 4WD.

Camping Spot Nr. 4

 Ras Al Hadd – Ras Al Jinz

Oman Camping Spots - Ras Al Hadd - Ras Al Jinz

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Ras Al Hadd – Ras Al Jinz

The area around Ras Al Hadd is best known for turtle watching. The Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve offers turtle watching tours every night. However, if you are not a fan of tour groups, then consider staying for a night or two at this wild camping spot. A tiny stretch of sand between Ras Al Hadd and Ras Al Jinz frequented only by some fisher man, and of course the occasional turtle.

To reach this heaven for wild camping, a four-wheel drive is absolutely necessary since the “path” leading here is peppered with spiky stones and  hardly deserves the name.   

Camping Spot Nr. 5

Masirah Island

Oman Camping Spots - Masirah

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Masirah Island

Just imagine what it would be like, to pitch your tent on the moon, (if there would be water on the moon). Well, now you’ve got a pretty clear idea what Masirah, Oman’s largest island, looks like. There’s sand, and rocks and salt water and very little people, even by Oman standards. A 4WD certainly helps to make it all the way to the beach to find a good location for wild camping.

You can basically set up your camp everywhere. No need to worry about your next neighbor, cause he’s probably some kilometers away. The only challenge is to find a spot, which offers some shelter during the day from the relentlessly burning sun.

Camping Spot Nr. 6

Ras Madrakah

Oman Camping Spots - Ras Madrakah

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Ras Madrakah

What else could you possibly ask for, when it comes to the perfect wild camping spot? There’s an empty white sand beach, and the adjacent turquoise water has just the right temperature to cool you off every now and then. Your only neighbors are some fisherman who might sell you some freshly caught fish for your BBQ, right off their small wooden boats. And in the evening there’s some hills to climb to enjoy the last sun rays followed by a picture perfect sunset.

All you have to do is to bring enough supplies for your stay, since even that 5 minute ride to the next small supermarket in the village of Ras Madrakah might feel like a waste of valuable beach time.

Camping Spot Nr. 7


Oman Camping Spots - Oasis - Wadi

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Oasis – Wadi

Right off of the road 42 between Ash Shuwaymiyyah and Hasik, this camping location seems to be a common hang out spot with locals. It makes for a good place to break up the long ride from Ras Madrakah to Salalah. Since this camping spot is pretty close to the road, a 4WD isn’t mandatory.

The setting is certainly picturesque though. A small river winding its way from the rugged mountains in the background to the Arabian Sea. Palm trees providing some shade and when night falls, a concert of chirping, croaking and humming gently lulls you to sleep.

Camping Spot Nr. 8

Khor Rori

Oman Camping Spots - Khor Rori

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Khor Rori

Within eyeshot of the famous Sumhuram ruins, the laguna of Khor Rori makes for another paradisiacal wild camping spot.

There’s plenty of space to pitch your tent. In the evening local hobby fishers come here to try their luck. If they were successful, you might be able to buy some fresh fish to pimp your dinner. The adjacent fresh water lake is every camels heaven and you can observe herds feasting on fresh grass.

A car with off-road capabilities is a good idea to tackle the very bumpy path leading here from Taqa.

Camping Spot Nr. 9


Oman Camping Spots - Salalah

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Salalah

This camping spot is located just a few minutes drive outside of Salalah.

Locals flock to the seemingly endless white beach in the evening, to have a BBQ or just enjoy the cool evening air. Normally it gets pretty quite around 11pm and you can have a good nights sleep. The sunrise in the morning seems more like a private event, just performed to keep you entertained while zipping you coffee till it’s time for the first morning swim.

Camping Spot Nr. 10

Mughsail Beach

Oman Camping Spots - Mughsail Beach

Oman Wild Camping Spots – Mughsail Beach

Mughsail Beach enjoys the reputation of being Oman’s most beautiful stretch of sand. And who wouldn’t want to spend a night of wild camping here?

There are picnic shelters and frankincense trees. Enjoy a dip in the super clear, turquoise waters and treat yourself to a home-made camel-goulash right on the other side of the street.


Any questions or comments? Any suggestions on camping spots or wild camping in Oman in general? I’d really like to know what you would recommend so feel free to shoot me an email at or just use the comment box below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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