Oman on a Budget – Expanses for an 18 day Road Trip

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The beautiful middle eastern country of Oman is not exactly famous for being a budget friendly destination. Hotels are expensive and hostels are virtually non-existent. And since public transport is not the most reliable way to explore the far-flung corners, a rental car, preferably a 4WD, is highly advisable if not mandatory.

Oman Road Trip Key Data

However, if you do a bit of research and plan ahead, it nevertheless is possible to travel Oman on a budget. The basic data of our trip were as follows:

  • Road Trip from Muscat to Salalah
  • Trip Length: 18 days in total (end of February to mid of march)
  • Total Distance covered: 4.220 km
  • Overall Costs: 414 OMR
  • Daily Expanses: 23 OMR


Oman Budget Breakdown

So here is an in-depth break down of all the expanses we had during our 18 day road trip through Oman. All expanses are calculated per person when traveling in a group of two. Obviously it gets more expensive when you travel Oman alone.

We brought all the essential camping equipment (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag) with us and just added some minor things like a camping stove, a pot and so on. You will have no problems finding all that stuff at one of the huge Carrefour markets in Muscat, Salalah or Nizwa. They have quite well equipped camping sections and even sell tents and stuff.

Oman Budget Road Trip_Euro_Rial

A breakdown of all expanses

Transportation – 251,5 OMR

Oman Budget Road Trip Expanses - Road 2017

renting a 4WD car was the biggest expanse

  • 2 days Muscat – public transportation (baisa buses, regular buses) – 2 OMR
  • 16 full days road trip – 4WD rental-car Renault Koleos (including 3000 km free, two drivers + insurance) – 10,60 OMR person / day = 170,2 OMR
  • pick up at Muscat Airport, drop off at Salalah airport – 25 OMR
  • Gas for 3.220 km – 36,3 OMR
  • exceeding the maximum amount of free kilometers – 8 OMR
  • Car ferry Shanah to Masirah – 10 OMR

Accommodation – 25 OMR 

Oman Budget Road Trip Expanses - Masira 2017

wild camping is entirely legal in Oman and helps a lot to save some money

  • 2 nights in a budget hotel in Muscat – Hotel Samara – 12,5 OMR person / night
  • 16 nights of wild camping – free

Food – 73,75 OMR

Oman Budget Road Trip Expanses - Muscat

get your daily dose of fresh fish at a local market

  • local budget restaurants every second day
  • self-supply – quite a lot of pasta, bread and fresh fish

Camping Gear – 12 OMR

  • camping stove
  • cooking pot
  • cool box
  • camping chair
  • BBQ equipment

Miscellaneous – 24 OMR


Personally I spent quite a lot of money on souvenirs in Oman, which you can see from the TrailWallet screenshots. I chose not to include these expanses since it’s clearly not a mandatory spending. Furthermore I didn’t really spend any money on activities. Not cause I was to frugal or to go easy on my budget, but more cause the main activities in Oman are basically exploring the stunning nature this country has to offer. Luckily the landscapes come at no charge and wild camping surely is the best way to experience them while going easy on your budget.

Here are ten suggestions on awesome wild camping spots in Oman to fire up your imagination.

Oman Budget Road Trip - Wadi Bani Khalid 2017

Almost all the natural wonders of Oman can be visited for free

If you wanna spend a few nights in the Wahiba Sands or go on a dive trip, be aware, that those activities will eat up an even bigger chunk of your budget, than they would elsewhere.

Just so you get an idea. A two-tank dive trip in Salalah including all gear sets you back a hefty 55 OMR. And a night in a tent in the Wahiba Sands with shared facilities and half board costs around 60 OMR per Person. Not including the pick up fees.


Do you have any questions or comments? Have you done a road trip through Oman and wanna share your experiences or tips and tricks on how to travel Oman on a budget? I’d really like to know what you would recommend. Just drop me a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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