Montenegro Road Trip – A two-week itinerary

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A road trip through Montenegro isn’t on your bucket list yet? Well here are a few reasons that might help to change your mind and put Montenegro right in the first place.

Montenegro is a rather small country in South Eastern Europe. It shares borders with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. But don’t make the mistake to underestimate this destination due to its size cause for such a tiny country, Montenegro really packs a punch way beyond its weight class.

Relax at pristine beaches and swim in the Adriatic Sea, or soak in the Mediterranean atmosphere while driving along the winding roads around the breathtaking bay of Kotor. Feast on fresh seafood and zip a cappuccino before heading to Durmitor National Park for some superb hiking and a nature-overdose. Or how about a stroll through one of Europe’s last primeval forest at Biogradska National Park? You can explore age-old monasteries like Ostrog or Morača before taking a boat trip on Lake Skadar for some bird watching.

And now imagine all of this extraordinary diversity in a place not even the size of New Jersey.

Most of the destinations mentioned above can be reached within a half days drive no matter where you are in Montenegro. Doesn’t sound too bad hm? Well it actually is a pity, since a road trip through Montenegro comes with an overload of grand vistas. So driving at night means nothing else but missing out on even more epic vistas and photo opportunities.

Montenegro Road Trip – Key Data

Trip Length: 16 days  |  Distance covered: 980 km

Overall Costs: 490 €  |  Daily Expanses: 30,60 € per Person


Montenegro’s roads are almost an attraction in their own right. They offer stunning vistas and generally are in pretty good condition. Traffic isn’t nearly as bad or chaotic as often stated and rental cars are quite cheap. We payed just 7€ per day including insurance coverage. A rental car also enables you to wild camps which saves even more money. So just get yourself an international drivers license, rent a car and set out for an epic road trip through the beautiful country of Montenegro.

So here is a day-to-day breakdown of our road trip through Montenegro. I’m going to list all the destinations we included in our itinerary, as well as some tips on what to eat, where to sleep and how to do all of this on quite a tight budget.


 Montenegro Road Trip – A two-week itinerary

Tips and tricks that will help you to plan your two-week road trip through Montenegro


Day 1 – Herceg Novi

Montenegro Road Trip-Herceg Novi_2017

Montenegro Road Trip – Herceg Novi Old Town


  • Herceg Novi

    • coastal town at the entrance to the bay of Kotor
    • stay at Dušanka (Duda) Vlaovic’s Guesthouse in X Hercegovačke Brigade (close to the bus station and the old town) 15 € per person / night
    • zip a cappuccino in Ulrica Njegoševa, Herceg Novi’s Stari Grad (Old Town)
    • explore the old fortress Forte Mare (1 €) in the evening and enjoy a great sunset
    • check out restaurant Konoba Feral for a memorable sea food dinner (15 € per person)


Day 2 – Kotor

Kotor / Montenegro


  • Kotor

    • Montenegro’s most famous coastal town
    • stay at Luka’s place, it is right in the old part of town and for 18€ per room / night a real bargain
    • explore the old city wall (free)
    • hike up to the church Lady of Remedy and the Kotor Fortress for an amazing view of the Bay of Kotor
    • for breakfast try out restaurant Ombra right in front of Luka’s door – big portions for very affordable prizes
    • restaurant Cesarica offers very good value for money – try the fried sardines
    • head to Invalida Bar for incredibly cheap drinks and some people watching


Day 3 – Perast & Our Lady of the Rocks

Montenegro Road Trip-Perast_2017

Our Lady of the Rocks / Montenegro


  • Our Lady of the Rocks / St. George

    • 6 hour round trip by kayak (12,50 per Person / day)
    • public boats don’t go to St. George, it can only be reached by kayak
    • Our Lady of the Rocks – quite touristy, 1€ entrance fee
    • beautiful for swimming and relaxing


  • Perast

    • wander through the old town and relax in one of the many cafés


Day 4 – Kotor

Montenegro Road Trip-Kotor_2017

Kotor / Montenegro


  • Kotor

    • explore the winding lanes, the cathedral and old churches
    • try the family run restaurant Mesara Tanjga right outside the city walls for a hearty and affordable dinner
    • the fish restaurant Cesare turns into an ear-piercing bar at night – cheap beers and a really authentic balkan-beats experience


Day 5 – Luštica Peninsula


Montenegro Road Trip-Luštica_2017

Luštica Peninsula / Montenegro


  • Luštica Peninsula

    • great for wild camping, swimming, hiking
    • check out the small fishing village of Rose for some delicious sea food and a good cup of coffee
    • prepare a picnic and take a hike to Arza Fortress 


Day 6 – Lovčen National Park

Montenegro Road Trip-Lovcen_2017

Lovcen National Park / Montenegro


  • Lovčen National Park

    • breathtaking road winds up from Kotor to Lovčen National Park
    • don’t rush it and take some breaks at some of the many view points
    • stop at Njeguši village and stock up on delicious home-made ham, cheese and raki
    • check out the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic-Njegos – and if you are reluctant to pay the admission of 5€ per person then maybe you wanna have a closer look at the tiny path on the left side of the Mausoleum 😉


Day 7 – Ostrog Monastery

Montenegro Road Trip-Ostrog Monastery_2017

Ostrog Monastery / Montenegro


  • Ostrog Monastery

    • Montenegro’s holiest site and most visited church
    • try to arrive early to beat the crowds, it can get very crowded, especially on weekends when hundreds of pilgrims come here
    • no entrance fee / no photography inside the church
    • dress modestly


Day 8 – Durmitor National Park / Black Lake

Montenegro Road Trip-Durmitor_2017

Black Lake / Durmitor National Park / Montenegro


  • Black Lake

    • nice area for hiking
    • great for a refreshing swim (if you dare)
    • beautiful pace to spend a night of camping – just make sure to set up your tent after dark, otherwise the rangers might ask you to leave (3€ per person and 3€ per tent and night)
  • Zabljak

    • there’s a bigger supermarket and several bakeries to stock up on supplies and snacks for longer hikes
    • the tourist information right in the centre can provide maps and advise on the area
    • check out Oro Restaurant and try the Dormitor Lamb. It’s delicious.
  • Curevac Viewpoint

    • offers stunning views of the Tara Canyon
    • price for parking is included in the day-ticket for Durmitor National Park


Day 9 – Durmitor National Park / Bobotov Kuk

Montenegro Road Trip-Durmitor_2017_257

Bobotov Kuk / Durmitor National Park / Montenegro


  • Bobotov Kuk

    • Montenegro’s highest peak
    • well-marked trails lead to the summit (6 hours return from Sedlo or 10 hours return from Zabljak)
    • check the weather forecast, the weather can change very rapidly
    • bring enough snacks, water and wear sturdy shoes


Day 10 – Tara Canyon & Tara Bridge

Montenegro Road Trip-Durmitor_2017

Tara Canyon / Montenegro


  • Tara Canyon

    • one of the worlds deepest canyons
    • great for hiking, rafting and zip lining
  • Tara Bridge

    • back in the days it was one of the largest of its kind
    • nowadays it’s still impressive and you can zip line and bungee jump here (both for a quite decent price)


Day 11 – Biogradska Gora National Park & Morača Monastery

Montenegro Road Trip-Biogradska_2017

Biogradska Gora National Park / Montenegro


  • Biogradska Gora National Park

    • one of Europe’s last three remaining virgin forests
    • great for hiking – from short hikes around the lake to several hour-long hikes to the mountain villages
    • the path leading around Biogradska Lake takes about 2 – 3 hours
    • you can also spend the night in one of the wooden cabins (25€) or pitch your tent in the designated area (10€)
  • Morača Monastery

    • Serbian Orthodox Monastery from 1252
    • beautiful courtyard garden and exquisite frescoes dating back to the 13th and 16th century
    • the entrance fee is 2€ per person
    • if you’re lucky you might witness a prayer session – the three monks still living here are praying in a beautiful sing-song (17.00 when we visited)
    • don’t miss out on the smaller church devoted to Saint Nicholas (beautiful frescoes too)


Day 12 – Rijeka Crnojevića / Lake Skadar

Montenegro Road Trip-Lake Skadar_2017

Rijeka Crnojevića / Lake Skadar / Montenegro


  • Rijeka Crnojevića

    • base yourself here if you wanna get some nice sunrise shots from one of Lake Skadar’s most famous viewpoints (a ten minute drive)
    • there’s a camp site right in town (next to the river)
    • a nice walking track leads you in around 2 hours to the ruins of Obod as well as the Obod Cave at the source of the river and back through the mountains
    • supposedly the restaurant Stari Most is on of Montenegro’s finest – If you plan on eating here a reservation might be a good idea since they’re often fully booked by organized tours


Day 13 – Virpazar / Lake Skadar

Montenegro Road Trip-Lake Skadar_2017

Virpazar / Lake Skadar / Montenegro


  • Virpazar

    • the winding road leading from Rijeka Crnojevića to the small town of Virpazar (right at the shore of Lake Skadar) is again a sight in its own right – so take your time and enjoy the views
    • there’s plenty of accommodation in Virpazar (hotels as well as private B&Bs)
    • we found Virski Pub to offer very good value for money (20€ for a twin room) + there’s a bar downstairs and you get a discount on a pretty good breakfast (2,50 € per person) in a restaurant just around the corner
    • make sure to try the crepes sold by a super friendly girl right next to the river
    • Besac Fortress (1€) is a nice spot to enjoy sunset and snap some photos of Lake Skadar


Day 14 – Road along Lake Skadar & Stari Bar

Montenegro Road Trip-Stari Bar

Stari Bar / Montenegro


  • Road along Lake Skadar

    • another beautiful drive leads you along the shore of Lake Skadar towards the Albanian border
    • explore little villages like Murići, swim in the lake or take a boat to one of the many islands that shelter monasteries and fortresses (like Grmozur and Beška)
  • Stari Bar

    • Stari Bar makes for a great stopover on the way back to Virpazar (2€ entrance fee)
    • wander around the old ruins and dive a bit deeper into Montenegro’s history
    • don’t miss out on one of the sweet, delicious and super fresh pomegranate juices sold in the  “souvenir street” leading from the bus stop to Stari Bar Fortress


Day 15 – Budva

Montenegro Road Trip-Budva_2017

Budva / Montenegro


  • Budva

    • nice old town and some ok beaches (Mogren Beach west of the old town is a bit more laid back than Greco Beach)
    • if you don’t need to stay right in the centre then consider Sobe Nedović – a lovely pension right next to the main bus station and great value for money (15€ for a twin room)
    • Casper Bar in the middle of Budva’s old town serves delicious coffee
    • Restaurant Mercur right inside the main bus station serves good local food for very decent prices


Day 16 – Budva & Sveti Stefan

Montenegro Road Trip-Sveti Stefan_2017

Sveti Stefan / Montenegro


  • Sveti Stefan

    • one of the most photographed places in the whole of Montenegro and just a short drive from Budva
    • definitely worth a visit, especially if you are into photography
    • get a coffee at Hotel Adrovic (right at the main road) for one of the best views or set up your tripod on the parking lot right next to it



Hopefully the above mentioned itinerary gives you an idea of what Montenegro has to offer and how much can be seen in just a bit over two weeks. Since Montenegro has such an abundance of scenic roads and drives, a road trip is a fabulous way to explore the small Balkan country. 

Do you have any questions or comments? Have you done a road trip through Montenegro or do you plan to do so? I’d really like to know what you would recommend. Just drop me a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you like what you see, feel free to connect on Instagram for more photos from Montenegro and around the world.



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