Desert Castle Loop – a tour through Jordan’s eastern desert

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Deep in the intimidating, Eastern Jordanian desert, there are places like Qasr Mushatta, Qasr Kharana, Qasayr al-Amra, Qasr Azraq and Qasr Hallabat. All of these desert castles belong to the Umayyad dynasty and together constitute the so-called desert castle loop. One can visit all of these castles on a day trip either from Amman (car…

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Wadi Rum Travel Guide – Exploring the Jordanian Desert

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The last light of day already fades while we’re slowly walking back to the Wadi Rum Visitor’s Center. The sand looks even more reddish than during the day. It almost glows. And the low autumn sun accentuates the ever-changing sand ripples and casts its last orange rays on the very top of the rock formation…

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Climbing Bobotov Kuk – A guide to one of Montenegro’s highest peaks

Montenegro - climbing Bobotov Kuk

Montenegro’s very name, meaning “Black Mountain”, already implies, that there’s no shortage of mountains in this country. At 2.523 m Bobotov Kuk had been thought to be Montenegro’s highest peak, until recent surveys showed, that there are actually three higher peaks at the border with Albania. However, Bobotov Kuk is still one of Montenegro’s highest…

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Montenegro Road Trip – A two-week itinerary

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A road trip through Montenegro isn’t on your bucket list yet? Well here are a few reasons that might help to change your mind and put Montenegro right in the first place. Montenegro is a rather small country in South Eastern Europe. It shares borders with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. But…

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15 Photos that will make you want to travel to Montenegro

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Montenegro is one of those countries that seem to have everything on the palette. From pristine beaches at the Adriatic coast, to rugged mountain scapes in Durmitor National Park. From age old monasteries like Ostrog and Morača to national parks like Biogradska Gora, which is home one of Europe’s last virgin forests. It doesn’t matter…

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Oman on a Budget – Expanses for an 18 day Road Trip

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The beautiful middle eastern country of Oman is not exactly famous for being a budget friendly destination. Hotels are expensive and hostels are virtually non-existent. And since public transport is not the most reliable way to explore the far-flung corners, a rental car, preferably a 4WD, is highly advisable if not mandatory. Oman Road Trip…

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